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Spring is My New Second Favorite Season

All of the  seasons working simultaneously —  creating the perfect storm of birth.  For these reasons, spring is my new second favorite season.

Día Los Muertos Flower Pots

The Dead are Still Here

Frustrated by the lack of interesting pots both online and in the stores, I asked my arty man to design the above pots, without knowing that this pot would hold the spirit of his dead teen stepson son, just 5 months later.

Ethical Floral Bouquet of Native Plants

The 2018 Ephiphany & Ethical Floral Boquets

The choice was made to make only ethical floral bouquets in the same way in which I  fashioned this one; with less than perfect flowers, already gripped by death.

Bumblebees climbing inside the Obedient Plant

Ohio Native Bees Love the Native Obedient Plant

Flowers on these plants will hold the tiniest native bees to the chubbiest of bumblebees inside them. When viewed from any angle you’ll find that the flowers are loaded with bee butts and dangling legs!

Feed the Bees with picture of Blue False Indigo

Feed the Bees with Spring Blooming Native Plants

The bees will “do what they gotta do” to get their food as long as you have put a plant there for them!

Green Bottle Flies

Green Bottle Flies: Aren’t Filthy Little Bastards

I find the complaint of flies as “filthy little bastards” maddening at times. Yes, this guy/gal lands on and eats dead stuff, as well as shit,- yes shit. But guess what – so do butterflies and I NEVER hear people say, “omfg, they are sooooo DIRTY.” You know why? Because butterflies are pretty so their love of filth is overlooked. While I wouldn’t want a ton of flies landing on my food – I wouldn’t want filthy butterflies on it either.

Ashley Flower Bed

Ashley’s Newly Planted Pollinator Garden

This spunky 21 year-old is living in her first house with her boyfriend and doing what all young girls do – beautifying the nest! Inspired by a desire for biodiversity in her yard; she wasn’t hindered by the potential road blockers that were ahead of her: starting from scratch on a typical grass lawn, a tight budget, and pets.

illustrations for flower pots of clowns, horses

Illustration Ideation for Unique Flower Pots

Who Doesn’t Want Cool Flower pots??? I like weird, eclectic, sometimes downright nonsensical things. Kicking around different art ideas for flower pots, birdhouses, basically anything yard and permaculture oriented. I’m quite tired of the same old, same old stuff that I see online. Are you ready for something unique?

Leaf Cutter on Annual Flower Cosmos Bright Lights Ohio Endangered species

Save the Ohio Native Bees and Bumblebee Species

To save my Ohio native bees and other native insects and birds, I removed almost all non-native shrubs and flowers. I doubled the amount of organic heirloom flowers, and native plants, as well as additional native shrubs and trees.


The Black Bee: The Two-Spotted Longhorn Bees

The all black Two-Spotted Longhorn Bees finally caught my attention in the summer of 2010. These all black bees are docile and are my favorite Ohio native bee.

Dirty Blooms Native Plant Nursery

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