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PLANT CONSCIOUSLY, with Dirty Blooms organically grown native plants and heirloom annuals.

Create eclectic pollinator gardens, magical paths of whimsy, bird habitats, marshes or rain gardens, and prairies or meadows right in your back-- or front yard!

Saving our wildlife, requires sharing your space, native plants, and no chemicals! According to scientists, the landscapes must contain at 70% native flora for our wildlife to survive. If you plant consciously, I promise.. they will arrive, stay-- and survive with no other effort!

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The Connection Between
Straight Species Native Plants & Larval Caterpillars

Fritllary butterfly on common Milkweed
Butterflies need straight species native plants like Milkweed that feed larval caterpillars

Pertaining to perennials, It is only straight species native plants, trees & shrubs that feed larval caterpillars for butterflies like the Swallowtails and Mourning Cloaks, and  moths like the Luna. Urban & suburban landscapes have been replaced with cultivars and/or "nativars" which stop the life cycle of butterflies and moths in their tracks.

Be a part of the solution.

Read more about straight species natives versus cultivars and plants being marketed as "nativars" & what you can do to help!


Bombus Affinis Fitted Tank




Our t-shirts are designed to raise environmental awareness for the plight of pollinators & wildlife, spread the native plant initiative, and let you look cool while saving the world.


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