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Leaf Cutter on Annual Flower Cosmos Bright Lights Ohio Endangered species

Save the Ohio Native Bees and Bumblebee Species

To save my Ohio native bees and other native insects and birds, I removed almost all non-native shrubs and flowers. I doubled the amount of organic heirloom flowers, and native plants, as well as additional native shrubs and trees.


The Black Bee: The Two-Spotted Longhorn Bees

The all black Two-Spotted Longhorn Bees finally caught my attention in the summer of 2010. These all black bees are docile and are my favorite Ohio native bee.

Mark's Micro Pollinator Garden

Urban Pollinator Gardens & Community Native Plant Initiative

Change starts with a spark. I was the spark, the pollinator garden is the flame, and Mark is the wind….. three more neighbors have asked for me to put in pollinator beds. We are the change. Join the Bloominati!

Dirty Blooms Native Plant Nursery

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