Spring is My New Second Favorite Season


Winter is my favorite season

Fall was my second favorite season for many years. There's always been--- and still is -- something alluring about the smell of the colorful, pretty, decaying leaves; the chilly weather, and knowing that Winter, my favorite season is moments around the corner.

Although I love seasonal change, Spring was always my least favorite season. It's sludge and salt all over my car and unpredictable weather patterns that would surely interfere with my gardening timing kept it firmly in LAST place.

The conversation that brought change

One day, about 9 years ago while explaining to my significant other why I have no desire to live anywhere that doesn't have changing seasons; I began to see Spring in a different light. The unpredictable weather became a new challenge for me to grow more things indoors-creating even more personal connections with new types of seedlings and my love of plants-grew. The trials and tribulations of growing things- is unpredictable and exciting. This once hated season was now bringing me additional personal growth as it tested my patience, stamina, and adaptability -- and i like a challenge.

Spring, is the big bang of all four seasons rolled into one brief season of its own. I hadn't thought of Spring as its own mini-matrix before,  but now, in my opinion - it is.  All seasons work simultaneously in Spring to  create the perfect storm of birth. For these reasons, spring is my new second favorite season. Second only to the silent, restorative, regenerative, hibernating, seed-nuturing season-that is Winter.