Bobcat has returned to Summit County Ohio

The bobcat returns to Summit County.  Bobcats are native to Ohio; however, these elusive creatures haven't been seen in Summit County for nearly 50 years.

Hunted to almost extinction, robbed of homeland by farm expansion, these harmless, beautiful, elusive creatures have been making a come back over the last 20 years. Summit County is now home again for them. Let's hope our wooded areas stay free from home expansion.

I am HAPPY to know these have been seen in my county. The best news---it's still illegal to hunt or kill them.

Although I live in a more suburban/urban area, I am hoping to attract them to my yard. My native flora has expanded over the last 10 years, and the biodiversity continues to evolve, encompass, and attract more and more fauna.

I had my first wild turkey visit this year! The bobcat could very well be my next visitor. The food sources and overgrowth coverage here offer the bobcat a great place to live!