Bloominati Jack Strikes Back with Small Space Pollinator Garden

Bloominati member Jack,  strikes back at dead mono-cultured lawns with a powerful small-space, regenerative pollinator garden!

Although, he's a truck driver by trade and lacks a green thumb, that didn't impede Jack from helping the bees.

His bed went in early 2020 and by summer was filling in nicely. I added some summer annuals to give it additional life, while affording time for the native plants to expand.

It doesn't take much to contribute to the well being of our urban neighborhoods. Like weeds seeds in the wind, our efforts are spreading. Our neighborhoods are not only getting prettier, they are becoming stronger as people like Jack are beginning to see that we have to power to change things.

Leaving children and grandchildren a foot print that we worked hard to leave them a landscape in better condition than in which is was originally found.