Ashley’s Newly Planted Pollinator Garden

Ashley's newly planted native plant garden became a beacon of life for bees, butterflies, what was once a dead space.

Inspired by a desire for biodiversity in her yard she contacted me about helping her establish her very first pollinator garden. She wasn't going to be hindered by the potential road blockers that were ahead of her:

  1. starting from scratch on a typical grass lawn
  2. a tight budget
  3. pets

Understanding her under $50.00 budget, I gave her native transplants from my yard and her dad helped out by purchasing a couple of additional plants that she wanted to include in her first ever pollinator garden. We used a mixture of native plants and some non-natives that have pollinator benefits.

When pets have full access to the yard, I remind people that many native plants (as well as non-native) are toxic to animals. Concerned for her pets, Ashley chose to forego plants like Milkweed. Instead we supplemented with native Bee Balm, Coneflowers, Yarrow, and Blue False Indigo. Native plants that still support pollinators, and the Blue False Indigo is also a host plant for some our native butterflies.

Ecological change can happen on ANY budget and gardening skills aren't necessary!

We worked our asses off on a very sunny, hot and humid day just before Memorial Day to get this done. What may not look like much to some - to us regenerative girls, we know this tiny space is about to be heaven for many pollinators. Dirty hands, face, and drenched in sweat -- her face was proudly beaming as she looked at what she created for the very first time. Not bad for a girl that's never used a shovel! 🙂

I received a text message from her yesterday proudly announcing that she had her first native bees appear - an  Eastern Common Bumblebee and several Leafcutters!

I'm looking forward to seeing the new species show up, her pollinator counts increase and to see who will be inspired by Ashley's pollinator gardens! Her conservation efforts will spread like weeds & seeds on the windiest of days.