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Bee on Hawthorn


Play Video One of the weirdest things I happened in the yard this summer. Freaked me out. The beetle doesn’t hurt of the kill the bee. It uses the bumblebee solely for traveling to a new location and then lets go.

American Robin feeding her babies

American Robin Raising Her Babies

When I heard the chirps of mama grow more intense, notifying me that her fledglings are vulnerable and unsheltered; I soothed her fears by relocating them to bushes for cover.

Stink Bug Killed Bumblebee screenshot

Invasive Stink Bug Killed Bumblebee

Does this look as though the invasive stink bug killed this bumblebee?

Late June Pollinator Garden in Ohio

Pollinator Gardens and Season Change in Ohio

A quick and cute video to show the seasonal change of one of my pollinator gardens. The bed of native plants, like Cupplant & Narrow -Leaved Mountain mint are intermingled with heirloom annuals like Zinnias- a butterfly favorite!

American Robin eating from my blueberry bush

Native Trees and Shrubs Attract Birds like Robins and Cardinals

According to scientists, birds like the titmouse and chickadees cannot successfully reproduce in environments that contain 30 percent or less native plants

Fleabane wildflower

Fleabane is an Unappreciated Native Wildflower

Fleabane is not a weed, but rather an unappreciated native wildflower.

Invasive Norway Maple

Norway Maples are Invasive Trees in Ohio

Once they take hold in our forests— and they are – they cause serious trouble for our native ecosystems.


Death of the Century-Old Silver Maple Tree

Once they take hold in our forests— and they are – they cause serious trouble for our native ecosystems.


Secret Toad Gardens

It was my destiny to catch this toad on video eating this fly!

Native Host Plants for Butterflies

Native plants, trees, and shrubs that can be eaten by larval caterpillars are called host plants. Native host plants need planted in droves

Dirty Blooms Native Plant Nursery

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