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Bobcat has returned to Summit County Ohio


The bobcat returns to Summit County.  Bobcats are native to Ohio; however, these elusive creatures haven’t been seen in Summit County for nearly 50 years.

3rd Bee of the 2021 Bee Count

Counting Bees for 2021

Once temps rise above 50 degrees, bees emerge and need food.

Jacks Urban Native Pollinator Garden

Bloominati Jack Strikes Back with Small Space Pollinator Garden

Bloominati member Jack,  strikes back at dead mono-cultured lawns with a powerful small-space, regenerative pollinator garden!

Mid Century Mod Chicken Coop

Mid Century Modern Chicken Coop

In 2016, I wanted a Mid-Century Modern Coop

Annual cornflowers support biodiversity & native bees like the Brown Belted Bumblebee

Heirloom Annual Plants Expand Biodiversity

Play Video The addition of annual plants to a primarily native yard yields huge benefits to pollinators, increases landscape biodiversity and a few can feed larval caterpillars.  A few years ago, I wanted to  extend my growing season for the wildlife. I add tons of west coast species native plants that are annuals here on…

Ohio Native Plant Pollinator Garden

Buy Straight Species Native Plants to Feed Larval Caterpillars

Many of the plants at local non-native nurseries and garden centers are being sold as “native” they are actually hybrids and/or cultivars.

Leaf Cutter Bee inside Obedient Plant

Obedient Plants House Small Bees

How many tiny bees can you find?

Cutest Slug In Silvercreek

The Coolest Slug in Ohio

I am not sure what kind of slug this is, but i think it might be a Meadow slug.

Dirty Blooms Native Plant Nursery

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