The Dead are Still Here

Día Los Muertos Flower Pots

5.5 years ago, I  wanted an eclectic front porch loaded with unique flower pots that would hold in contrast or complement my growing flowers. A Dia Los Muertos flower pot, The Punisher, and the Unspoken name of God written Hebrew were the spiritual statement pots that I wanted.

Frustrated by the lack of interesting pots both online and in the stores, I asked my arty man to design the above pots, without knowing that this pot would hold the spirit of his dead teen stepson son, just 5 months later.

It was repotting day when I took this photo. The juxtaposition of elements was palpable; the somber pot, the brown tips on an otherwise healthy plant, and my favorite cheerful, coffee cup was speaking volumes in silence.

5 years ago my boyfriend's 18 year old son died of suicide over a break-up with a girlfriend. Adam's spirit is embraced by the work of his dad's hands as he lives on in the ever-blooming Peace Lily from his funeral services. This corner in my living room is not a remembrance corner-- it's an ever present living corner- as the dead are still here.