Green Bottle Flies: Aren’t Filthy Little Bastards

Green Bottle Flies
Green Bottle Flies

Green Bottle Flies Matter

I find the complaint of Green Bottle Flies as "filthy little bastards" maddening at times. It's not one hundred percent true. Yes, this guy/gal lands on, and eats dead stuff, as well as shit,- yes shit. But guess what - so do butterflies and I NEVER hear people say, “omfg, they are sooooo DIRTY.” You know why? Because butterflies are pretty so their love of filth is overlooked. While I wouldn’t want a ton of flies landing on my food - I wouldn’t want filthy butterflies on it either.

EVERYTHING serves a purpose including the Green Bottle Fly who does pollinate crops. Yes. It pollinates! Think about that.

The metallic green of its body against the pale periwinkle of Scabiosa is beautiful.

It’s not just the butterflies and bees in peril - it’s all pollinators that are in trouble.

The beginning of the Bee and Insect Peril

30 years ago when I was 16– i couldn’t drive my car without a windshield explosion of bugs splattering to their deaths. Scraping them off while trying to keep my 84 Firebird looking “Cool” was a daily event.

I can now drive MILES in the most rural of areas —- without ONE BUG DEATH ON MY WINDSHIELD. The last 30 years have been an insect apocalypse. That needs reveresed!

Plants more natives and heirlooms — remember — flies are an important part of an ecosystem-they aren't just filthy little bastards.