Swamp Milkweed – Asclepias Incarnata


You will receive a 1-2inch tall plant in a 3-4inch container. Organically grown.

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Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias Incarnata)

Swamp Milkweed is the food choice of Monarch Butterflies! This host plant loves wet areas and full sun. Swamp Milkweed is favorited over the other milkweeds at my house. Maybe it’s beautiful pink color. This is a high nectar source and beloved by the bees and butterflies.

Interesting tidbit: Honeybees and wasps sometimes get their legs stuck in the nectary petals. Please check the flower heads throughout the day and 1 trip at dusk to free any stucks bees by gently pulling them with four fingers, off of the flower heads. They won’t sting you.

Life Cycle: Perennial

Height: 4-5ft

Bloom Time: June, July, August, sometimes September

Bloom Color: Pink- more like Magenta

Light Type: Full Sun to Partial Sun

Soil Type: moist to wet,

Wildlife: B, BF, HB

Zones: 3-8