Royal Catchfly


Silene Regia

Royal Catchfly is a hummingbird favorite. The bright red blooms are it’s call-out in any garden! A perfect plant for drier, rocky areas! The flower stems are sticky and tiny bugs get stuck on them although it’s not a carnivorous plant.

This semi-tall beauty doesn’t do well with competition and can be easily wiped out. Plant this on the outside dry edges of beds, or in areas that replicate prairies areas similar to the  tall prairies of which it is originally grown. Give it SPACEI

Interesting Tidbit:

I once saw a house wren pluck the insects off for a mid-morning snack. Great plant for insect eating birds, too.

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Life Cycle: Perennial

Height: 3-4 feet

Bloom Time: June, July, August,

Bloom Color: Red

Light Type: Full Sun

Soil Type: Medium, Dry, Rocky Areas

Wildlife: B, BF, HB

Zones: 3-9

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