Mexican Torch


Tithonia Rotundifolia

Mexican Torch (Tithonia Rotundifolia) is DEFINITELY a butterfly favorite. This is a high nectar, tall, and  bushy plant. Irridescent orange petals shimmer and glimmer around yellow centers that are held up by the softest, fuzzy stems. This  high nectar long lasting blooming annual is the perfect fueling station for migrating Monarchs leaving Ohio for Mexico!Ohio for Mexico!

Interesting Tidbit: Late summer (Mid-July forward ) many male bees kicked out of the nest to find queen bumblebees with which to mate. At dusk and early morning,  you find more bees sleeping on top of and underneath flower petals.

My favorite annual plant!


Life Cycle: Annual

Height: 5-6 (mine have been as tall as 8ft) feet by 2-3ft wide

Bloom Time: June thru frost

Bloom Color: Reddish Orange

Light Type: Full Sun

Soil Type: Medium, Medium-Dry

Wildlife: B, BF, HB Pollinator Favorite: butterflies, bees and birds”>

Zones: 3-9