Secret Toad Gardens

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The Toad and a Secret

Aside from spiders, there's no better friend than toads in one's garden! This summer, I made special living arrangements for my incognito friends. Secret toad gardens were created in various places throughout my yard. Each toad area is located under plants, shrubs, trees, or long grasses; contains a small watering hole, replete with rocks that are places for rest. Adjacent the watering hole is a small flower pot with openings cut out that allow the toads the ability to  run in under a hard shelter to keep from getting eaten! Since creating these secret toad gardens, more toads are showing up and sharing these spaces.

It was my destiny to catch this toad on video eating this fly! Sitting indian style on the ground next my buddy; I was charting bees and bugs in the bed when I turned my video toward him to capture his stealth as he waited motionless, watching the fly, clearly full of hubris as it flew around me in a sneering manner as it if were --- spying. That's when it happened- Bam... just like that; my stealthy friend revealed his secret presence simultaneously ending the sneering and filling his tummy.  He then sauntered off to lounge in his watering hole and continued to watch me work.